Cockpit selfies

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You are now looking at an official Private pilot as of September 2, 2019!!!!!!!

The flying princess apparel is here!!

My first set of practicing ground reference maneuvers! I was learning steep turns, rectangular course, S-turns, and turns around a point. As well as power on and power off stalls. πŸ€—

Leveling up takes isolation, separation, and extreme focus

This is a movement ladies so keep moving!!

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Flying Gives You Wings, Flying Makes You Feel Invincible! Going Full Throttle, No Idle! aka #beastmode This quote is dedicated to all women on a mission. Women who keep going no matter the circumstances or obstacles. Women who push themselves daily to be better for themselves and for society. Ambitious women with tunnel vision for achieving their goals. Always moving and never slowing down or stopping. Women who dont stop or settle professionally or personally. Here is my journey to becoming a commercial airline pilot.

My first solo landing πŸ’ͺ🏽

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You are now looking at an instrument rated private pilot as of JULY 30,2020!!!!

Officially a Self published author!!!

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My Journey to becoming a Commercial Pilot