Alright y’all so I learned the basics and now it’s time to learn landings! So I was super pumped and excited to land because on my home simulator I landed perfect everytime 💅🏼. So in my head I’m thinking I’m a complete natural piece of cake! Move over Uncle Yates( my instructor) I got this! Then we started the pattern (crosswind, downwind, base, final). First landing I couldn’t wait to WOW my instructor🤗🤗..... let me explain how it was an epic FAIL the first 20 or so landings lol! Yes more than 20 landings and I couldn’t get it together! My biggest issues were feeling we were lower than we actually were and using the rudder to stay in the middle of the runway. Perception was NOT reality! Lol! it was soooooo discouraging I was feeling so defeated.. I hate not catching on quickly 😩. I pride myself on catching on quickly! Not to mention how important Landings are if you want to be a pilot. Yikes! But not to fear you guys I finally got it lol and I’m really good at it😏. I was finally signed off to solo and it went perfectly!

The Flying Princess