When the stars keep aligning! 100.3 flight hours!


Let me just say that this story is a bit crazy and unorthodox but will hopefully restore some faith in mankind. Ok here we go... so it all started Dec 28th 2019. I received a Facebook request from a handsome black male pilot. I accepted his request and proceeded to look and like a few of his pictures. Shortly after he wrote me in Facebook messenger asking about my private pilot journey. I told him, then he introduced himself to me and explained his own journey. Followed by a simple “if you ever need help with anything let me know, I have many connections in aviation”. My immediate response was “I need flight hours, help wanted lol here’s my #”.

So here’s the thing. The program at Delta that I desperately want to be in requires at least 100 flight hours and a private pilot. I received my private in 52hours so I needed 48hrs any way I could get them. I don’t like wasting money so I decided to work towards my instrument rating. I flew once in November and almost 20hrs in December. I still need 30hrs which is expensive but I’m determined and willing to put the money up.

Ok back to the story. I give him my number, we text and he explains that he’s starting a non profit organization similar to Sisters of the Skies(sistersoftheskies.org). Super Dope and super inspiring that his spirit is called to help those in aviation in any way he can since he was given amazing opportunities in his journey. Any who, he explains that he has a friend that needs a little over a 100 before he starts with the regional and I could fly with him in Phoenix with no cost to me! Um sign me up! I know I know a stranger introducing me to a stranger🤦🏾‍♀️. But I don’t live in fear and I use that “gut feeling”. If something doesn’t sit right with me I won’t move on it. But after a FaceTime talk and some arrangements I left for Phoenix December 31st (I don’t waste time). This man opened his home to me where his 3year old daughter lives and his grandmother and mother were for the holidays! We had a BALL! I haven’t laughed so much in my life or been around a family that embraced me with so much love and laughter being a COMPLETE stranger. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LAUGHING AND CRACKING JOKES. Any who, We flew our little butts off. In 3days we flew 17hrs, celebrated the New Year and i came back to Atlanta in time for my birthday (Jan 3). I know best birthday gift ever! Everything flowed and happened so perfectly. It worked out really well for both of us! Well now I only needed about 12hrs and I really wanted those last 12 to be free if at all possible (i know im spoiled now). He was waiting on military orders before he could commit to me coming back the next week. Miraculously with out me trying someone reached out to swap my adays(on call days) for 3 turns(day trips) then someone picked up one of the turns and I was able to move one of the turns to the end of the month. So I only had to work the 5th and then off until the 12th🙌🏽. Monday the 6th he says I can come back because his military orders start the following week. LOOK AT GOD!!!! I got on the last flight to Phoenix and we finished those 12hrs in 2 days! I ended today (jan8th) with 100.3! Still have 2900 more to go 😩but it was a necessary and fulfilling 100 that was worth sharing!!

I’ll add all our photos I took inflight and of us on my photos page! Hope you guys enjoy!