Omg Aaliyyah and I are thrilled and relieved to announce our children’s book “You Look Like Me” is finally ready for the world! Us Living in 2 different states and dealing with Covid one person has to take over the publishing part, which was me. Boy oh boy being a first time self publisher is not easy! I’ve been through 3 different self publishing companies and I’ve ordered a total of 7 proof copies (due to print quality and size changes). So many times i wanted to just forget about it because it wasn’t turning out how i wanted! But everything happens in Gods timing that I kept pushing through until I could deliver a product I was comfortable with. Its 27 pages of pure inspiration. I’ve created a website and Instagram page for the book as well. Becoming a self publisher is another accomplishment that I can’t believe I achieved! Such a process but we made it to the finish line! So thankful and grateful for my amazing family and friends who kept me encouraged and were my proofreaders and advisors! I love y’all! Now everyone go purchase our book!

I’m a self published author!


Link to purchase 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽