So fun fact: I changed my major 4 times in college and my private pilot oral/practical was rescheduled 4times 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Let me start by saying this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was sooooooo nervous! Not nervous to fly but nervous about the oral portion. I tried to study and study and study but it was just sooooo much information I was starting to doubt myself. I first scheduled the test for july30th then my DPE called me and had to cancel because a family emergency. I rescheduled with another DPE for Aug09 then the unthinkable happened..... I had a slight anxiety attack😩😩😩😩😩. I was so scared of failing 😔. I was nervous, scared, and anxious because this is my future this is something I wanted so so bad. But I was overwhelmed with emotions that I called my DPE and asked if he had any other days available this month... y’all would not believe his response!! “Laura I’m glad you called I just emailed your instructor yesterday saying I had to cancel our checkride because of time conflict” if that wasn’t God I don’t know what is! So boom I had until the 28th now I felt so relieved! So fast forward to the 28th...... the weather was bad and it had to be cancelled 🙄🙄. Super annoyed to say the least. So I asked when was his next available day and it wasnt until September 10th😩😩. I couldn’t wait that long so I called my other DPE that had the family emergency and he agreed to the 2nd of September!!! So grateful that he was willing to work on a holiday! I had to work on the 1st 😩 so when I got off I just studied all night even got my instructor to come help me I drove to the airport around 3am went to the bank to get the money for the test and slept in the car at the airport🤕. My instructor came around 6:40am and off we went. I didn’t get any sleep but I wasn’t tired I had to much adrenaline 😩. Fast Forward the oral portion starts 😬...I would love to say I did an amazing job but the oral portion was rough. He was asking questions I simply didn’t know or even understand but I guess I answered enough of them correctly 🙃. Then we were off to flying and God was with me because everything went good with that. I think it was a good balance 👀! When he said I passed I could not breathe I was in shock! My instructor ran out to me and gave me the biggest hug 🥰! Then I went to hug my DPE and thank him for everything and he said you’re welcome you’re a very sweet girl 😭😭😭 then the tears came! Y’all I’m crying just writing this! Usually things are easy to me because I over prepare. I prepared heavily for this and it was still the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I’m pretty sure my cousin David was helping thru everthing(R.I.P.) love you cuz! In memory of my late cousin who also wanted to be a pilot I dedicate this to him! Welp that’s the quickest summary I could give 👀🤣! Signing off as Private Pilot Humphries 👩🏽‍✈️ 👋🏽